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Four Wheel Zen: Taxi Cab Therapy

For some people, a long cab ride is a chance to ride undisturbed to their destination, maybe get a little work done without needing to watch the road. Folks like this may grumpily cut off a cab driver’s attempts at small talk. People like miss out on one of the joys of the modern era. That’s the allure of engaging in a cab service cathartic session about life with a stranger.

Life Lessons from a Taxi

In a sense, cab drivers are like bartenders. Some people take a cab service instead of a subway or a bus because they want the close intimacy of a car ride and the chance to engage in conversation. Likewise, there is a certain joy in sitting at a bar and engaging a friendly bartender in an enriching conversation about love, life, or the state of the country.

Here is a stranger who doesn’t know you to judge you and someone you may never see again. This anonymity is relaxing and it’s easy to find yourself sharing intimate snatches from your life with a friendly, non-judgmental stranger. A taxi near me can be a rolling therapy session with no chance it leaks back to your friends, family, or job.

Even the friendliest of cabbies may have been strongly rebuffed at his or her attempts to make conversation with some fares. Thus, sometimes it takes some encouragement on your part to get the conversation rolling. Everyone has a story and some stories you’ll hear from cab drivers are amazing.

A person willing to share a brief synopsis of their life usually prompts you to at least share a snippet or two of yours. No matter how much we try to hide it, humans are social beings who crave human contact. If you have an issue or problem that’s causing you stress, put it before your driver, hypothetically if you prefer. The wisdom you get from this stranger might be just what you need to decide.

The Simple Joy of a Great Ride

Of course, every passenger isn’t the same and neither is every cab driver. Some cabbies may not be gregarious, and they might be just as reluctant to engage in conversation with a stranger as some passengers are. But if the cab driver is friendly and both of you are willing to share some conversation along with the ride in a taxi near me, it can be a Zen experience!

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