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How to Hire the Best Private Chauffeur?

You might have a valid driver’s license but driving yourself in some instances is not always safe, easy or convenient. A private chauffeur meets transportation needs on an occasional or regular basis. They cater to personal preferences and your busy lifestyle.

The Uses for a Private Family Chauffeur

Having a taxi service or personal driver, you and your family can be chauffeured to social outings, extracurricular activities, meetings, to school, and work. You have the added benefit of making an excellent impression each time you arrive at your destination, especially, since private chauffeurs take pride in both the vehicle and personal appearance. Their assistance extends to:

  • Important engagements - a private driver helps you to arrive on time and to be punctual.

  • Reduces frustration and stress associated with navigating traffic and finding parking.

  • Additional time to catch up on important emails and communication while commuting with a chauffeur.

Potential Job Description of a Private Chauffeur

A private driver’s obvious and primary responsibility is driving, but this person often does much more than merely getting you from pick-up to destination point. Part of the job will include assisting everyone in and out of the car, carrying, handling and placing luggage in and out of the boot. They also run errands and are responsible for making appointments to have the car serviced and repaired.

These factors are important, especially, for individuals with mobility challenges, the elderly, parents with young children and individuals with hectic schedules. The driver can assist with clearing ice and snow from driveways, exercise your pets, chaperone your children to and from extracurricular activities as well as important security detail.

You will find that many are former law enforcement officers, while most professionals possess valid weapon permits that give you peace of mind regarding security and safety.

What to Look for When Hiring a Driver

You and your family will be spending a good amount of time with a driver. It is important that you look for someone that you feel comfortable with and whose personality you enjoy. When you have children, ensure that they like and get along with the driver and that the chauffeur gets along with them too. When you decide on a taxi service or private driver, ensure that the driver has been screened for experience and driving skills. The best way to hire a private driver for your family is through a staffing company.

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